Chequepoint, Transcheq, Harada Ltd, Worldcash, Citicruiser, Halcyon Datasys, Halcyon Datacorp & Prague Safe Deposit are some of the business ventures / products associated with Mr. Felix Grovit.

Citicruiser is the web based portal associated with Chequepoint, the world's leading independent currency retailer.

In recent years, Chequepoint service has expanded beyond the simple exchange of currencies as international travellers have become more sophisticated and demanded a higher degree of service. To maintain its competitive edge, Chequepoint has developed a range of travel related services such as hotel bookings, car hire and air tickets to meet this growing requirement. Demand for these services has increased to a point where a dedicated unit was required to keep pace with and service this demand. This dedicated centre became

Today, Citicruiser is the full developed response to the widespread demands of a worldwide customer base and the service has since become a unique stand-alone internet portal to the travel industry. Through the internet, Citicruiser can reach and communicate a wealth of data to millions around the world before they even leave on their holidays or business trips.

Today, while Internet travellers still rely on Chequepoint branches for emergencies or hurried changes of plan, they can now access the Citicruiser database and services before starting their travels. Through Citicruiser they can now arrive at their destination fully informed, having made the best choices.

As currently developed, Citicruiser's "business to business" subscriber base is expected to increase to over 150,000 establishments worldwide by the year end and to provide international travellers with a definitive database and booking service for their travel related requirements on a global scale.

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